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Ist CPA is a full-service consultation firm with record of winning many successful campaigns.

For a growing business firm we provide market research & competitor analysis before a product launch in market.

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Legal regulation on transfer pricing in Turkey; General Communiqués on Disguised Profit Distribution through Transfer Pricing No. 1 and 2 and published in the Official Gazette dated November 18, 2007 and April 22, 2008, made in Article 13 of KVK No. 5520, and numbered 2007/12888, dated 6 December 2007 Regulations regarding implementation were also made with BKK.

In addition, with the amendment made in the Income Tax Law No. 193, parallel arrangements have been made regarding transfer pricing in line with the regulations in the Corporate Tax Law.

Transfer pricing regulations have been introduced in order to prevent companies from making unfair tax competition in the international arena and to prevent the tax base from being eroded in the purchase and sale of goods and services made by group companies. In parallel with the development of international trade, transfer pricing has become one of the priority issues of the Finance Administrations and taxpayers.

Our Transfer Pricing Services basically consist of the following services;

  • Fulfilling the annual report and documentation obligations regarding transfer pricing,
  • Analyzing the transfer pricing policies currently carried out by the company and planning transfer pricing studies,
  • Performing peer analysis using transfer pricing global peer analysis databases,
  • Consultancy services in current or potential lawsuits and tax investigations related to Transfer Pricing,
  • Taking action to resolve the dispute in case of any dispute with the Tax Administration on transfer pricing,
  • Managing the agreement process of taxpayers who request to make an Advance Pricing Agreement with the Ministry of Finance,
  • Preparation of the annual transfer pricing report,
  • Support services for filling in the "Form on Transfer Pricing, Controlled Foreign Corporation and Disguised Capital" attached to the Corporate Tax Return.
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