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Ist CPA is a full-service consultation firm with record of winning many successful campaigns.

For a growing business firm we provide market research & competitor analysis before a product launch in market.

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In our country, the constant changes in the financial legislation have made the tax laws more complex than ever before, causing companies to need active tax planning and tax consultancy. Certification is the examination of the compliance of real or legal persons or their enterprises and enterprises with the auditing principles and standards by certified public accountants, determining whether the subjects and documents within the scope of approval reflect the truth and reporting them based on the results of this examination.

Services We Provide Under Full Certification:

Auditing legal books and documents, financial statements within the scope of tax legislation,
Preparation of working papers showing the audit results during periodic audits,
Elimination of errors and deficiencies detected during periodic inspections,
Compliance control of provisional tax returns within the scope of tax legislation,
Compliance control of annual income and corporate tax returns within the scope of tax legislation,
Preparation of Income or Corporate Tax Certification Report as a result of all audit work.

Advantages of Full Certification Service:

The declarations certified by the Certified Public Accountants and the financial statements related to them are accepted as documents examined by the authorized officers of the public administration (tax examination personnel). Businesses that have fully certified are not subject to re-examination under normal circumstances (unless there is a notice or a similar special reason), since they are considered as companies that have been examined by the State inspection staff.

Taxpayers who have signed a full certification contract can receive VAT refunds with a CPA report, without any amount limit for VAT refund in principle.

It is possible to refund the amount of income and corporate tax withholding up to TL 100,000, that cannot be deducted on the annual income or corporate tax return, in cash, based on the full certification report to be issued by the YMM, which has drawn up a full certification agreement. Having a full certification ensures that financial consultancy services are obtained and thus protection from tax risks.

Counter-examination requests to be addressed by the companies can be met by the CPAs in the form of "informing" in accordance with Communiqué no. Therefore, taxpayers who have a full certification can avoid the burden of providing this information directly.
Preventing future risks by conducting the examinations in accordance with the Turkish Tax Legislation and Accounting System Implementation General Communiqué and Tax Laws and submitting it to the Board of Directors, financial affairs manager and relevant persons in quarterly periods,

Conducting periodical audits throughout the year and, thanks to these audits, controlling tax calculations at the end of the period and issuing reports within the periods determined by the law, ensuring that over or underpayments or false declarations are prevented,

Detection of possible accounting and tax errors that may occur through periodic audits carried out throughout the year, and elimination of possible penal liabilities that may arise from not correcting these errors in due time,

On tax legislation issues; informing your company by issuing tax circular following the publication of the law,

Making correspondence on issues related to public offices and tax administration, representing your company carefully in these organizations and providing consultancy on the subject.

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