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Ist CPA is a full-service consultation firm with record of winning many successful campaigns.

For a growing business firm we provide market research & competitor analysis before a product launch in market.

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Levent Mah. Cömert Sk. Yapı Kredi Blokları Sit. C/Blok No: 1C İç Kapı No:39 Beşiktaş / Istanbul / TURKEY

Turkey is one of the top five developing countries. We know that labor costs increase in your own country where you live. We also know that the labor force in Turkey resulting from monetary exchange differences is less costly than in your country and/or other countries. With the remote working culture that has developed with the pandemic, it has become possible to manage human resources in a different location from where you live. Türkiye is one of the best countries to employ qualified human resources.

There are 5 types of companies in Turkey:

  • Individual Company
  • Joint Stock Company
  • Limited Company
  • Collective Company
  • Cooperative Company

As ISTCPA, for the types of companies determined by the Turkish Commercial Code, we provide support at every stage of our service, from the establishment stage to the preparation of signature statements, from the application to the Trade Registry Office to obtaining the necessary documents.

We determine and establish the most suitable company model that will meet your needs, according to Turkish Commercial Laws, 
According to Turkish social insurance laws, we make your workforce entries and formalize them according to your financial structure,
If you cannot find colleagues in Turkey, we provide software, SEO, marketing, digital advertising partners,

We carry out all financial transactions of your company, follow all your tax transactions and make your payments on time,

We apply investment incentives in Turkey to your company,

We help you issue invoices from your company in Turkey to your company in your own country.

We enable you to use this invoice as an expense in your own country,

Even if you are not in Turkey, we can plan and organize all the necessary transactions to perform on your behalf.

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