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Ist CPA is a full-service consultation firm with record of winning many successful campaigns.

For a growing business firm we provide market research & competitor analysis before a product launch in market.

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At a time when competition in all sectors is very intense and therefore the slice of the income pie is gradually decreasing, our companies are trying to develop new ways and methods to reduce their costs instead of increasing the prices of their products in order to increase their earnings.

As it is known, employers also bear the cost of SSI premium employer share at the rate of 20.5% of the gross wage in addition to the net wage cost on behalf of their employees.

According to subparagraph (i) of Article 81 of the Law No. 5510, all employers who do not have premium debt and meet other conditions pay their costs, which are 20.5% in the employer's share of SSI premium, as 15.5% with a 5-point discount. The 6111 SSI incentive, on the other hand, allows the remaining 15.5% of the employer's cost of your employees, whom we determine to be able to benefit from this incentive, to be covered from the unemployment fund during the incentive period (6 months - 54 months). In the SSI incentive implemented within the scope of the Law No. 7103, on the other hand, it provides very serious contributions to your budget by allowing all of the SSI premium employee and employer shares (37.5 percent of the gross wage) to be met from the unemployment fund on a 12-month basis, for your employees, whom we have determined to be able to benefit from this incentive.

In addition, in cases where there are incentives that your employees within the scope of more than one incentive can benefit from at the same time, especially the incentives of the law numbered 7103 and 6111, we ensure that the most advantageous SSI premium incentive amounts are preferred, and we further reduce your SGK premium costs.

ISTCPA with its experienced and expert staff, is a Consultancy Firm that provides SGK Incentive Consultancy services within the scope of the above-mentioned applications, as well as Tax Audit, Labor Law, Financial-Legal Consultancy services. ISTCPA not only saves companies from the complex legal regulations created by these incentive practices, but also controls the extent to which they benefit from incentives in order to reduce their costs, and shares the analysis results with you with the devoted work of its expert staff.

If you cannot benefit from the incentives sufficiently due to the complexity of the legislation in question, you can reach the maximum benefit level by contacting us, contribute to your budget balance by reducing your hidden SSI premium costs, which are a burden on your periodic budget figures, and direct your investment decisions for your employees.

In this way, we can reduce your costs for your employees by providing support to your Human Resources and Accounting-Finance Departments.

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